“George’s keynote was the highlight of our Annual Company Kickoff. Our employees described him as ‘inspiring,' ‘engaging,' ‘trustworthy,' ‘meaningful,’ ‘authentic,' and ' a true leader!' His insightful presentation absolutely hit the target of the event’s themes of leadership and teamwork. George's message was keenly relevant and actionable, and will impact how our people lead and work together for years to come.”  — Len Finkle, CEO, Profisee

Program Offerings

With over three decades of experience as the leader of multiple military and civilian aviation organizations, Captain Dom has successfully developed high-performance teams that operated in high-stress, extreme environments. In engaging presentations and in-depth workshops, Captain Dom shares a framework with practical applications so attendees can learn to perform at a very high level — not now and then, not once in a while — but every day. Illustrated with thrilling proprietary videos and photos of the Blue Angels in action, participants will be engaged, energized, and ready to begin applying these valuable, life-changing lessons immediately!

Audiences from all sectors including banking, finance, sports, marketing, and technology have been captivated, impacted, and empowered by his simple but sensible approaches to creating a HIGH-TRUST culture.

Of note, Captain Dom invests the time to learn specifically about your organization and its background so he can tailor his message to your team's situation to make the most impactful contribution possible to your event and lasting organizational success.

Captain Dom offers several program options, all customized to your objectives, audience, and desired outcomes to maximize audience engagement:

  1. Keynote speech (up to two hours).
  2. Half-day workshop (up to four hours).
  3. Full-day workshop (up to eight hours).

Captain Dom is also happy to do Q&A, a break-out session, and/or participate in a panel discussion.

Below are two sample program outlines... all programs are customized to align and reinforce the event's themes and desired takeaways.

1) High-Trust Leadership and Teamwork

In the knowledge-based economy, high performance is all about relationships, strong and enduring relationships with all stakeholders, and the fundamental ingredient for every successful relationship is trust.

For naval aviators, flying off aircraft carriers a thousand miles from land (often in the middle of the night) trust is essential not just for success, but survival. There can be no compromise in that extreme laboratory of high performance. If you weren't trusted, you'd fail or be fired; if you can't trust others, you'll either fail or look for another line of work.

Trust is the cornerstone to being an effective leader; it's the glue that keeps the team firing on all cylinders. Within a culture of trust, there is an upward spiral of achievement based on creativity, determination, accountability, excellence, passion, camaraderie, humor, candor, and resilience. Allowing a culture of mistrust due to fear, incompetence, and/or integrity gaps will result in the opposite.

KEYNOTE: 30-120 minutes:

  • Understand why a culture of HIGH-TRUST is critical to achieving individual and organizational high performance
  • Discover the 5C's of trustworthiness: Character, Commitment, Competence, Connection, and Communication
  • Develop a high-trust action plan with specific, immediate actions (90-minute keynote required)
  • 90-Day Journey: Exploring the 5C's of High-Trust" can be included for all audience members. They will receive 12 weekly value-packed emails that provide more information about applying the 5C's immediately. This exclusive content is only offered to attendees of Captain Dom's presentations to achieve a lasting impact by sparking real, ongoing individual and organizational change.


Delve deeper into the High-Trust Leadership framework and facilitate leaders and teams to build greater trustworthiness with interactive exercises to help attendees apply the 5C's of Trust immediately:

  • Character: What are your core values? Are they aligned with the organization?Do you walk your talk?
  • Commitment: Do you have a clear, deep, and intense purpose or mission? How will being successful working for you help your teammates reach their goals?
  • Competence: Are you skilled and relevant in your current position? Do you have a learner's mindset and welcome feedback to improve your performance? How to conduct an effective debrief.
  • Connection: Do your teammates believe you understand them? How to build empathy and understanding of others so they feel understood.
  • Communication: Are you clear, concise, and direct? Do you confirm the message you intended has been received and understood?


Keynotes and workshops can also include a leading edge, customized Dialogue surveys of participants before, during, and after the event to provide real-time insights to make the training specific to each audience, identify immediate action items, and evaluate progress weeks or months later.


Available for intact teams. It measures the trustworthiness of each individual and the overall team. It's a confidential, anonymous survey that allows the members of the team to evaluate each other according to the 5C's of Trust. The team's overall level of trustworthiness is measured as a baseline for improvement. Each person's results are confidential and only revealed to them. This can be a revelation and incentive to change as people are made aware of how they are candidly viewed by their teammates. Includes survey, analysis, and confidential individual debriefs.

The leader will receive an overall summary of the team's level of trust, but the individual responses are strictly confidential and not revealed. A follow-up assessment in 3-6 months can indicate progress in improving the level of trust. "Did we move the needle?" Includes: analyzing results, sending individual letters to each participant with their confidential results, and optional 30-minute coaching call, if desired.

2) Personal High-Performance

Life demands more of us every year: at work, at home, and in every aspect of our lives. As we try to keep up with the pace of modern life, every day is a challenge to perform at our best.

What are some of the habits and mental exercises you can develop to bring your A-game every day – despite the pressures, stress, distractions, and challenges of modern life? What lessons can we learn from those who routinely perform at the highest levels of excellence in extreme, unforgiving environments?

Captain Dom, USN(Ret), former Flight Leader and Commanding Officer of the U.S. Navy's flight demonstration squadron, the Blue Angels, is ready to share the secrets of personal high performance. Over a 70-year history of pushing the limits of man and machine, the Blue Angels developed ways to ensure all six pilots are at their best every day: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Informed by his experience as a coach at the Human Performance Institute, these lessons can be applied by anyone who wants to make the most of every day in whatever activity matters to them.

KEYNOTE: 30-120 minutes:

  • The 4-phase cycle of achieving mastery in a skill and adapting to change.
  • Accepting constructive feedback as a gift.
  • Overcoming inertia, setbacks, and discouragement.
  • Building and managing your energy in all four dimensions.
  • Investing in routines to build value-based habits, the auto-pilot of success.


Dig deeper into the principles of Personal High Performance with exercises and breakout sessions that are a catalyst for applying the lessons immediately with great effect. Modeled after training conducted by the Human Performance Institute, attendees will:

  • Learn about the four dimensions of human energy: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual (purpose/mission); the challenges to build and maintain each one; and exercises to build mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness and resilience.
  • Discover and develop an inspirational personal mission statement.
  • Face the truth of your current situation and identify the rationalizations for your habits, gaps, and shortcomings.
  • Develop a credible action plan to make steady progress on the path to achieve whatever matters most to you in life.
  • Three Months of Follow-up Weekly Emails. Exclusive content and a subscription to three months of weekly emails that inspire attendees to apply their takeaways from the Personal High-Performance keynote and workshops. Each email reviews a topic with practical training examples to increase your ability to bring your A-game every day. Rather than just a one-time keynote or workshop, our goal is to make a difference long afterward.

Captain Dom is happy to jump on a quick call to answer any questions and discuss how he can make a lasting, positive impact on your team!