Testimonials for Speaker Captain George Dom

Testimonials for Speaker Captain George Dom
Captain George Dom is a highly sought-after speaker.

“It was indeed a pleasure to meet you and spend some time with you before and after your presentation. My dream as a kid was to be a military pilot and some dreams don’t always come true. To shake your hand and to meet you was a tremendous honor. I met someone who achieved my dream! The feedback from the meeting has been very positive, but the feedback we received from your presentation has been stellar! You were able to tie our messages together perfectly.” Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc.

“The feedback for George’s presentation and workshop was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. Behind the scenes, we really appreciated the effort he invested in customizing his presentation to our needs. What an inspiring figure!” Oliver Wyman

“Early returns on your Northwestern Mutual Field Leadership Conference session have been outstanding. I want to thank you for all the obvious prep work you did. The leaders not only could tell that you did your homework, they sincerely appreciated it!” Northwestern Mutual (after a standing ovation)

“George Dom was inspiring and practical in his coaching on creating trustworthiness.” A Cisco Senior Executive

“CAPT Dom was excellent start to finish. He met with many in the audience and was well prepared and engaging. I would recommend him to anybody. Our annual event was attended by over 900 people and CAPT Dom had them glued to their seats, laughing and enjoying it to the end. Even when compressed for time, he was professional to the end. Great job!” IIAB Sacramento

“George did a fantastic job! He really hit home with our group. I even had individuals ask for his booking information. Thank you, George, for helping make my event a huge success.” Structural Building Components Association (SBCA)

“Captain George Dom was a big hit at our Annual Conference. Multiple people described his presentation as engaging and/or inspiring! Great insights on leadership and tips for trust building.” Association of Collegiate Conference & Events Directors-International

“Thank you so much for coming out and spending time with our team – it was an awesome session enjoyed by all! The High-Trust Leadership and Teamwork theme will be with us throughout the year. Thank you again for your time, you are now part of the Visa Digital Family!” Visa

“George did a wonderful job and his presentation was an impressive finish to our conference program. George is a great guy and we enjoyed working with him. Glad he was able to spend a couple of days with us.” Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of California

“George’s presentation was extremely well received and appreciated. Perfect subject matter. He was very professional and tailored his presentation to our audience. Great impact and a ton of great comments from attendees. Thank you very much.” Hawker

“The last time I recall a conference standing ovation prior to Friday was when we had John Wooden speak about UCLA basketball and his pyramid of success 8-10 years ago.” Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce (WACE Conference)

“Thank you for the most inspiring presentation: What kind of leader am I? The question lead to self evaluation and changes that I must make as a Chamber CEO and a leader in the community. I have been an attendee at the WACE Conferences for at least 15 years and I have never been compelled to ask for an email address for a speaker. “ Montebello Chamber of Commerce (WACE Conference)

“George was superior… class act!” Builders FirstSource

“Captain Dom, I hope you’ve landed safely at home. I wanted to send you another note of thanks for sharing your message with us. My team is still talking about you, your experience, the videos and how to apply your messages personally and as a team. Mission Accomplished! Thanks again for your service.” Debra King, ExxonMobil Global Retail Brand Manager

“Captain Dom, It is with great gratitude that I extend a sincere thank you…it would not have been such a collaborative, enlightening, and engaging conference without your contribution. Thank you for the time you put into preparing and delivering…Your contribution made a tremendous impact on the audience…” Malcolm Dougherty, Director, CA Dept of Transportation

“We cannot say thank you enough for your help, you started our meeting out on the right note with such relevant topics and amazing stories… I’ll never look at the Blue Angels the same way again! Alana McHugh, Fortis Advisors, Director of Marketing

“It would be unusual for me to say good bye to each of you without reminding you that without “Level 5 Trust”, nobody can optimize performance and attain the level of success each of you is capable of. Remember, that in order to be trusted, you must trustworthy. Clearly our “Blue Angel friend” George Dom has had a lasting impact on my view of life! When you get a moment, take a look at George at Tedx Sonoma. It is a great reminder for us all. Howard Halle, EVP, Wells Fargo Commercial Bank

“George, you were spectacular – the one everyone remembered. Your message r/ TRUST is a good one. Mostly, I appreciated your warmth and sensitivity toward our young team of social entrepreneurs…I hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we did. I really can’t thank you enough for your part in our retreat. Best wishes.” Bill Draper, Draper-Richards-Kaplan Foundation

“I want to thank you for attending the year-end wrap-up event “Together We Win” at the Wells Fargo Center yesterday. The team was so inspired by your presentation and lesson on High Trust Leadership! It was absolutely perfect for our event and many also commented that it was so nice of you to stay around and talk with the team about your experiences. I will be sending out a note to the team with your handout and survey. There have been some thoughts on doing a customer event in the near future that would allow us the opportunity to invite you back to the market!” Susanne Svizeny, Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank, N A

“Thank you for being a part of our GE Summit! Whenever I asked GE and Oracle employees what they thought of the event, the first thing that they said was George Dom was AMAZING! I knew your message would have a high impact, but you really struck a chord with our attendees.” Daniel Loftus, Oracle Senior Field Marketing Manager

“…I can also confirm you hit it out of the park with the team! Your presenter score was 4.9 out of 5 – which is simply awesome! The comments trended around being the right content at the right time for the right audience. The videos were viewed at a very high rate and created quite a stir around here. I want to again, thank you for your contributions to a very successful event for us.” Corinn Hastings, Chief of Staff, Cisco Global Events and Collaborative Platforms

“We’ve received so many compliments about the event and especially your outstanding presentation. I’ve heard countless motivational and leadership programs in my nearly 30 years in the chamber business and you rank right there with the best of the best – very few can hold the full attention of a large audience for a solid hour, especially after a large meal in the middle of a business day. Scott Raty, President/CEO, Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you so much for your participation in TEDx-SonomaCounty! Your talk was amazing – one of the favorites for sure. Thank you so much for delivering a TEDxTalk I know you and we will be very proud of! My husband said he’d like our kids to watch it, and I agree. Thank you for the gift of “ideas worth spreading.” Shannon Ledger, Chair, Organizing Committee, TEDxSonomaCounty

“…Your presentation left the audience spellbound to say the least…” Scott Arnold, NBAA FA/FT Conference Chairman

“On a personal level, I appreciated how you tailored your messaging to our group. Your desire to learn about what we do and weave it into your talk made a terrific impression. As a learning facilitator, I know how you can take good content and make it great by making that investment. Two seasoned vets on our team pulled me aside on Wednesday after the closing session. They told me this was the finest department meeting they had ever attended. They said that if it was my decision to choose you as the keynote speaker, I deserved a raise!” Robert Bottass, CVS Caremark, Loss Prevention Manager of Training and Development

“Thanks again for a wonderful evening. Your presentation was really well done… informative, interesting and exactly on point. The comparison between low trust and high trust almost read like a timeline for our department. The 5C’s gives us great material to work on as we move forward. Several people commented to me that night and the day after on how much they enjoyed hearing you speak (they also enjoyed the pictures and videos!).” Bob Smyth, Aviation Manager, The Kroger Company

“We are grateful to have had you as our guest speaker…You were impactful…Thank you for making our meeting special.” Kenneth R. Dallafior, SVP, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

“Your keynote session was terrific and inspirational. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from that as well as the workshops…Thank you again for your great contributions to the conference. Your influence and impact will extend far beyond those that were fortunate to hear you speak.” J&J ENGAGE Conference Organizer

“George, It was a pleasure meeting you. The training you gave our team really set the tone for our entire meeting and helped us begin really working as a team. The training was exceptional. Thank you! I am happy to be here!” Deborah Jarrett, PHR, CWWS, The Cooper Companies

“I know you probably have gotten a ton of great feedback, but I have to tell you, I think this may have some of the most impactful leadership training I have ever gotten. Not only was the training useful, but it was extremely motivating. My team has not stopped talking about it. Thank you for this opportunity to continue learning as a leader.” Jim Jones, Director, Cox Communications

“Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into the event, not just the presentation. I am glad you were able to spend so much time with the group and allow us to interact with you beyond a lunch presentation. You did a wonderful job incorporating our feedback into your program. It was truly a high impact message for us.” James Schmeltekopf, Regional Sales Manager, Wells Fargo Commercial Banking

“…You were nothing less than spectacular on Wednesday evening. Your legions of fans are deeply appreciative and I am still hearing great reviews from the students. [A longtime trustee] exclaimed that in the fifty years he has been attending events at Seton Hill, this was the best!” Dr. JoAnne Boyle, President, Seton Hill University

“It was great to meet you yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. It was both exhilarating and very relevant to business. I would like to stay in touch and collaborate with you as I believe you could bring value to some of my colleagues and clients…” Allison S. Tabor, CPC, CPSM, Coppia Communications